Hoy to buy a property in Italy with Easy Home

Step 1

A. We establish exactly what you have in mind and immediately provide initial advice on the best way to achieve this, given the particular characteristics of the property market here in Italy (in terms of legal, tax and regulatory aspects, etc.).

B. If asked to do so, we carry out a nationwide search to identify the property that best matches your requirements.

C. We liaise with the seller’s broker on your behalf.

Step 2

A. We establish the condition of the property and its status in law, involving site visits and photos/videos that will be sent over to you.

B. We establish whether the sale price is reasonable, bearing in mind the condition of the property, its location and comparable.

C. We advise you on the legal and tax aspects of your investment, providing assistance with any related requirements (getting a tax code, opening a bank account and dealing with taxes etc.).

D. We assist you with the purchase activities and formalities (dealing with signature of the offer, the preliminary agreement and the sale and purchase deed drawn up by a notary).

Step 3

A. We provide you with architect’s plans for the renovation of the property or for the interior design in accordance with your wishes.

B. We identify any contractors/suppliers and coordinate their work.

C. Where requested, we manage the property or assist with rental.

D. Where the property is purchased as an investment, we draw up the appropriate business plan if required.

Our consolidated experience means that we can tailor our consultancy services to each client’s specific requirements.

Our consultancy services, always rendered in English, therefore cover all the legal and tax aspects of the investment as well as specific aspects of the property itself, including from an architectural standpoint.

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