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Architectural advice on real estate in Italy

When it comes to property renovation in Italy, an architect is often a requirement for making sure that the process run smoothly and that your home renovation can remain professional and to code. An architect works as a project manager overseeing contractors in the full renovation process for your home.

Easy Home Italy is here to help you with:

An analysis of your home request under an architectural point of view.

Initial discussions about your plans for the purposes of a feasibility study (in terms of budget and how the market stands).

Finding the right home / property.

Investigating the condition of the property and its status in law.

Drawing up and implementation of the renovation/interior design plans.

Drawing up an estimated bill of quantities to establish that the project is in line with the relevant budget.

Coordination of any renovation/interior design work as Director of Works.

Choosing sub-contractors (builders and interior designers, etc.) from the list previously drawn up and handling dealings with them.

Bill of quantities

With any type of architecture project in Italy, a bill of quantities needs to be produced. The bill of qualities outlines all of the materials that will be used in property renovations throughout Italy. Your supervisor architect in Italy will create this bill of quantities based off of current industry pricing. Architects are often tasked with making this list highly accurate and estimating with a civil engineer as well as the contractor on the total cost of the finished project.

It’s possible that you could get several different bill of quantities based off of the designs an architect presents to you. In choosing one particular bill of quantities, you can agree that this will be the renovation you are choosing for your home.

Renovation project

A renovation project supervisor architect goes through and includes a list of materials, labor, initial cost estimates for each aspect of the renovation and a draft for the total hours of labor included in the project. This breakdown insurer is that you can see the sum total of each cost as well as the total cost of the renovation.

Receiving a bill of quantities from an architect can give you a window into the process of your renovation project. It’s also a requirement when you are buying and renovating properties throughout Italy.

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