Real Estate italian Market: a big opportunity to catch

Italian Real estate market is a big investment opportunity in this period for different reasons: Location: Italy , with its real estate stock and with its beautiful areas is now and will ever be an international target. Residential market reached the sales peak in the year 2006 with 869.000 transactions, but international crisis depressed sales to 404.000 in the year 2013, which means a decrease of 53,5%. This drived a significant price reduction, in many cases even more than -50%. In the year 2014 sales trend was inverted, and in 2016 number of transactions  was 534.000, marking a positive percentage of +32,2% vs 2006.

Why is this the ideal moment to buy?

  • Prices are on minimum level since 80s
  • Mortgage loans have the minimum interest rate
  • Residential real estate market significantly increased sales numbers
  • Italy is now a target country for international  investment funds

The normal consequence of these 4 elements can just be a significant increase of values in the next 4-6 years, tha will take an important revaluation of your investment.

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