“Build ‘offsite’ has obvious advantages to expand historic buildings 

Where some look at the ground to make the cities grow, we look up to the sky. That’s where you can find the unused roofs of numerous old buildings that we can turn into quality attics, green spaces, orchards, terraces that make the city a little more pleasant place to live and contemplate. For this we develop a strong research work with the sole commitment to improve and rehabilitate the architectural heritage of the city. This is the only way we have managed to be an innovative study without a European reference, where the growth of cities is done extensively. We are committed to quality growth based on the love and knowledge of the city.

How do you start a house on the roof?

We use industrialized construction systems that allow us to work on the one hand, the rehabilitation and adequacy of the farm and, on the other, the manufacture of attics in our own workshop.

1. Project design – We design any project taking into account the needs and wishes of the future owners, as well as the possibilities offered by the place and the building regulations.

2. Work and workshop – We prepare the terrace to receive the attics, we waterproof the interior slab and we adapt and bring improvements to the farm.

3. Transport – We transport the panels or industrialized modules in the factory from the workshop. A special crane, surrounded by safety measures, hoists the modules to the terrace with maximum safety.

4. Mounting – Once the attics are already in place, the assembly takes place in a day or two at the most, doing the least inconvenience for the neighbors.

With the House on the Roof everyone wins!

We have implemented a new flexible business model adapted to a complex market: that of property owners and neighboring communities. The objective is that there can be a mutual benefit for all, subject to demonstrable values ​​of quality, sustainability and rationality. Owners of estates We offer to the owners of the buildings that have remaining buildability, in accordance with the regulations in force, a dialogue whose objective is to reach an agreement of mutual benefit: the property can assume the maintenance and updating of the farm thanks to the investment of the House, while this one obtains a location for the development of attic homes. Thus, those who prefer to rent or sell the remaining building rights of their roofs will have an answer to their demands.


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