Summer 2018: the top 10 of Italian destinations preferred by foreigners

It’s time to find out what destinations of our beautiful country have catalyzed the interest of foreigners on holiday in Italy last summer, in the eternal struggle between the enchanting sea destinations and the more classic cities of art.

Although the podium of Italian destinations preferred this year by foreigners see some of the cities of art for excellence, with Rome, Venice and Florence leading the ranking, the interest of travelers for our country appears particularly varied and crowns Sardinia and Campania preferred regions to visit, both with two cities in the top 10: respectively Alghero and Cagliari and Naples and Positano, despite compared to 2017 all these destinations have recorded an increase in average hotel prices.

Positano, in fact, is the most expensive choice of this special top 10 summer, with an average night rate of € 307, followed by Alghero, with “only” € 169 per night. On the contrary, Palermo earns this year the scepter of the cheapest city in terms of hotel stay, with only € 66 per night, followed by Rimini € 69, Milan € 93 and Rome € 99.

Definitely a good reason to enjoy an all-Italian holiday, ideal for those who love the sea and relax, but also for those who want to get closer to the history and culture of the our country.

It is not difficult to understand why Italy represents a much sought after destination.

Italy brings together lovers of millennia of history and culture, of the glamor of Made in Italy, but also those who cannot resist trying a unique culinary tradition in the world or immerse themselves in breathtaking landscapes and nature.

In addition to the classic cities of art, this year there are also some new entries, such as Alghero and Palermo, destinations definitely suitable for those who want a holiday able to combine art and culture with relax on the beach, diving in crystal clear water and fine cuisine.

Alghero has captured the interest of tourists who have been able to discover its rare architectural and cultural heritage, strongly influenced by the Aragonese domination, and be enchanted by white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, famous for the presence of red corals.

Palermo instead finally enters the top 10 of 2018.

This Sicilian city preserves an inestimable treasure of artistic beauties, such as the evocative Norman mosaics of the Church of the Martorana and the Teatro Massimo, one of the world’s best lyric theaters. Moreover, thanks to its multi-ethnicity, Palermo is also an unmissable destination for food lovers, who can savor their unique flavors.

In seventh place is then placed the folkloristic Naples, which enjoys a great reputation among foreign tourists: its historical finds from Pompeii and Herculaneum, the paths of the underground Naples and the wonderful panorama on the Gulf of Naples certainly influence the great influx of tourists, together with its incomparable gastronomy.

The pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Positano, this year won the ninth place in the standings, with a growth in the number of foreign tourists, equal to 9% compared to last year. Visitors are attracted by the city center: a succession of boutiques, shops and clubs overlooking alleys and squares, making the atmosphere unique and enchanting.

Closes the ranking of the most popular Italian destinations by travelers from all over the world for the summer 2018 a new entry from the Adriatic coast: Rimini. A destination famous for young people looking for a fun-filled holiday between beaches and open-air discos, this city is also ideal for families with children, thanks to attractions and events suitable for a wide public.


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