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Buy property real estate in Italy: searching consultancy

With the amount of real estate development in Italy, you may be considering the idea of buying a property in Italy. What is important before proceeding is speaking to a real estate searching consultancy and learning how to buy real estate in Italy first.

Buying real estate in Italy as someone that is purchasing from outside the country can be slightly more difficult. It often takes a bit more paperwork and due diligence to buy a property in Italy legally.

By working with property consultants, the goal will be to invest in Italian property while minimizing the risks. By providing ongoing planning and assessment for predevelopment feasibility it’s possible that every stakeholder in a property development will be able to proceed legally and offer the best investment to anyone buying inside the country or outside the country.

Easy Home Italy is here to help you with:

An analysis of the request

Establishing whether the sale price is reasonable.

Assistance with negotiations with the seller’s broker.

Finding the right property, working in coordination with the real estate broker

Assistance with property management (renting) where applicable

Investigating the condition of the property and its status in law.

Initial discussions about your plans for the purposes of a feasibility study (in terms of budget and how the market stands)

Feasibility study


Some of the best advice you’ll receive after buying property in Italy is including a feasibility study within the budget. Developing land requires a feasibility study or analysis of how a housing project will be completed. This detailed all of the economic and technical factors associated with the construction of a dwelling or series of dwellings. A feasibility study will outline all of the approvals that are required from the law as well as any necessary planning permissions.

Property management and renting:

If you’re going to be building a large property and then renting it in Italy you will also need to consider the option for property management services across Italy. Under real estate legal advice in Italy it’s important to have someone managing your home while you are abroad. Having access to bespoke property management solutions across Italy will make sure that your assets are taking care of and that all of your rentals can be completely legal.

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