Attilio Bassi

Economist and Real Estate Practitioner

Attilio graduated in Business and Economics from the prestigious Catholic University of Milan and has since built up a considerable amount of professional experience, particularly in the property sector, which he has been involved in since 2000. Before his entry into the complex yet fascinating world of real estate, Attilio’s CV features positions in large American, Japanese and Italian multinational businesses, where he had the opportunity to interface with and grasp a better understanding of various organisations and cultures. In 2000 Attilio founded Investincase s.r.l., an Italian business operating in the real estate sector.

Date of birth

29 january 1961

Brief CV

Attilio has a wealth of intersectoral, cross-disciplinary experience in sales and marketing in large-scale businesses. Having worked at Italtel as Export Area Manager and at General Motors as District Manager, he then moved on to cover roles as Sales Manager and Product Manager in Sony and Buyer and Private Label Manager in retail group Rinascente, with the ultimate step in his business career involving a role as Marketing Director for Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece in the American company Amway. In 1999, deciding to channel his energies into a start-up in a sector that had fired his enthusiasm for some time: real estate, Attilio founded Investincase srl, a Pirelli Real Estate partner known today as Bassi Immobiliare. As a business that continues to operate 360° in its sector, its professional and innovative approach is a result of the broad range of experience that Attilio has acquired during the course of his career.

Main clients

At Investincase, Attilio has had the pleasure and honour of working for hundreds of clients, individuals and businesses alike. What he is most proud of is the fact that the majority of his clients place their matters in the hands of his business as referrals from other satisfied customers. In Attilio’s view, this word-of-mouth recommendation is the best possible business card of all. We’ve worked mainly on upmarket properties with very exacting clients who appreciate the difference that a professional approach and experience combined can make.