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“Case a 1 euro” (1 Euro houses) is a project promoted by some Italian municipalities, with the goal of countering the abandonment by the local population of small villages of incredible beauty and artistic and cultural interest. The project “houses at 1 euro” tries to repopulate delicious villages that are becoming deserted, abandoned by the young population and by the deaths of the elderly one.

This initiative is becoming very attractive also abroad, and is aimed to those looking for a low-cost home to be renovated or wanting to help restore luster to the Italian villages that the whole world envies us for their extraordinary beauty and for the spirit of others times much sought after today.

With the repopulation of these small villages, infact, the birth of tourist activities is also promoted, activating the economy of the whole area, examining the possibility of redeveloping the building as a small hotel, a B & B, or thinking of a project more wide that also affects more properties within the same country with the ability to create a widespread hotel.

Find below the Italian municipalities that have promoted the initiative:


– Municipality of Patrica (FR) Lazio (https://casea1euro.it/patrica-fr-lazio/)


– Municipality of Fabbriche di Vergemoli (LU) Toscana (https://casea1euro.it/fabbriche-di-vergemoli/)


– Municipality of Montieri (GR) Toscana (https://casea1euro.it/case-a-1-euro-a-montieri/)


– Municipality of Nulvi (SS) Sardegna (https://casea1euro.it/nulvi/)


– Municipality of Carrega Ligure (AL) Piemonte (https://casea1euro.it/carrega-ligure/)


– Municipality of Lecce nei Marsi (AQ) Abruzzo (https://casea1euro.it/lecce-nei-marsi/)


– Municipality of Gangi (PA) Sicilia (https://casea1euro.it/gangi/)


– Municipality of Regalbuto (EN) Sicilia (https://casea1euro.it/case-a-1-euro-a-regalbuto/)


– Municipality of Salemi (TP) Sicilia (https://casea1euro.it/salemi/)


EHI, through its highly qualified professionals, is able to assist the client in all the procedures related to the “1 euro case” project, providing advice in the following phases:

  1. study of the practice and of the documents, drafting of a technical report, presentation of the application and follow-up;
  2. in the case of assignment of the property, assistance in transferring the title of property and related formalities required by the Municipality (issuing a surety policy, etc.);
  3. assistance for all renovation work.

In addition to the above, EHI will provide an adequate and timely translation from Italian into English of the entire public selection procedure promoted by the municipality.

If you think you are interested in the project “case a 1 euro”, contact us and we will let you have a quotation of our fees for helping you in this great opportunity to buy a house in Italy!

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